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Danny has come back to the clinic, this time struggling with concentration and completing simple tasks. He is fidgety and appears unfocused. Nurse Matt recognizes these symptoms from previous patients and decides to conduct a preliminary interview before conducting an examination. Once the questionnaire is finished, the Nurse concludes that Danny does not meet the criteria for any ADHD medications. However, the Nurse has a backup plan if Danny is open to following their instructions and the Nurse can manipulate the results so that Danny will be eligible for the medication.

The Nurse gestures for Danny to approach and start sucking his cock. Danny climbs off the exam table and stands in front of the Nurse, who is seated on a nearby chair. The Nurse's massive erection juts out from under his pants, begging to be pleasured. Determined to get those pills, Danny takes the challenge and deep throats the Nurse's impressive 9-inch cock. He uses his hands to stroke and tease the Nurse's balls while bobbing his head up and down on his thick shaft. The Nurse moans in pleasure, caught up in the intense sensation of Danny's skilled mouth. Every movement of Danny's lips and tongue drives him closer to the edge, and he can't help but let out a few primal grunts before Danny turns the Nurse around and starts to rim the Nurse.

With a fierce determination, Danny turns the unsuspecting nurse over and bends him over the sterile exam table. The nurse's muscular back glistens under the fluorescent lights of the small room. Danny craves those pills and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them, so he sets to work on the nurse's tight, toned ass. He spits onto his fingers and works them into the nurse's hole, digging deeper with each slick thrust. In this moment, Danny is in control and the tables have turned - the patient has become the aggressor. After an intense rim job that leaves both men breathless, Danny pulls out his uncut 7.5-inch boy cock and commands the nurse to suck it. Without hesitation, the Nurse obeys and takes Danny's throbbing member into his mouth, expertly working every inch with his tongue and lips. The heat between them is palpable as their bodies move together in perfect synchronization, lost in pleasure and desire for one another. The passion between them only grows hotter as they continue their forbidden tryst in the small exam room.

The fire of their passion consumes them both as Danny towers over the nurse, growling with a primal hunger. The nurse begs for more, his voice trembling with anticipation as he pleads for Danny to take him. With a swift and forceful movement, Danny bends the nurse over the exam table, claiming him as his own. The nurse moans in ecstasy as Danny's cock penetrates his willing hole, sending shockwaves of pleasure through both of their bodies.

Danny's hips thrust forward with aggressive strength, driving himself deep inside the Nurse's willing body. The air in the exam room was thick with passion and heat, rising with each intense movement between them. The Nurse moaned and gasped as Danny's hard cock filled him to the brink, taking every inch with eager pleasure. Flipping the nurse over onto his back, Danny continued his relentless pace, his hips moving like a well-oiled machine as his member plunged into the tight warmth. With each thrust, Danny's face flushed with arousal, his breaths coming faster as he felt the orgasm building within him. And then it came a powerful release of cum shooting from Danny's throbbing shaft, coatingthe Nurse's balls and stomach in a sticky mess. As Danny reached his peak, the Nurse's climax erupted, his seed spilling forth from his body and covering his stomach and chest in a symphony of pleasure andrelease. Both panting heavily, Danny licks up the Nurse's jizz and they both collapse into each other.
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