Doctor Sage Does Sports Exam
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Following his successful sports exam and acceptance onto the swim team, Noah discovered that he had a breathing problem. He wanted to get a thorough check-up to ensure no underlying physical issues were causing it.

Noah got lucky this time; he was able to see Doctor Sage for his issue. After explaining the problem, the doctor decided to test his breathing with a monitoring apparatus. However, the results were not satisfactory and Doctor Sage had some unconventional methods to help improve Noah's breathing skills.

The Doctor gestured for Noah to stand up and positioned himself in front of him. With a reassuring nod, the Doctor explained that he would use oral stimulation to ease Noah's throbbing discomfort. As the Doctor's warm mouth enveloped Noah's sensitive flesh, his breath quickened and deepened. The unexpected pleasure from this unconventional treatment began to soothe his tension and bring relief to his body. Noah couldn't help but moan as the Doctor expertly administered each caress, his techniques proving to be more effective than any medication.

After a satisfying session of oral pleasure, the Doctor gently instructed him to turn around and prepare for an in-depth prostate massage. This would not only improve Noah's breathing but also provide immense pleasure. The Doctor carefully inserted his finger into Noah's tight opening, working it in gentle circles to relax the muscles. Then, with practiced ease, he used his tongue to rim around the edges, eliciting soft moans from Noah. This was all part of the thorough examination, and the Doctor took his time, ensuring that every inch of Noah's body was cared for and stimulated.

The Doctor's insidious methods of "treatment" continue as Noah is forced to perform the most degrading act yet. His mouth is filled with the thick, pulsating member of Doctor Sage, who taunts and humiliates him as he struggles for breath. With each deep thrust, Noah's lungs are pushed to their limit, his body convulsing as he tries to suck in air while also servicing the Doctor's fat, large cock. As his head spins and his vision blurs, Noah realizes that this twisted session is not only testing his cock-sucking skills but also his will to do better on the swim team.

With a cold, determined look in his eyes, Doctor Sage prepares for the final, crucial procedure to fix Noah's breathing issue. As he positions Noah bent over the exam table, he can't help but admire the smooth, tight curves of his exposed ass. With a wicked smirk, he slowly inserts his large, throbbing cock into Noah's tight hole, knowing it will be a challenging yet thrilling lesson for both of them. As Noah's breaths become more stable, the Doc's thrusting increases in speed and depth, pushing past any remaining resistance and sending waves of pleasure through both their bodies. As Doctor Sage becomes increasingly enthralled by the treatment, he violently flips Noah onto his back, taking control with a ferocious intensity. With each thrust of his cock into Noah's tight hole, the doctor watches with delight as the young man moans and groans, his breaths growing more steady and powerful. The sound of their bodies colliding fills the room, echoing off the walls as Doctor Sage claims Noah's body as his own in a primal display of dominance.

With each forceful thrust into Noah's tight hole, the Doctor felt a surge of pleasure course through his body. Finally, he pulled out and ejaculated all over Noah's used ass, relishing in the sight of cum splattering against Noah's skin. He then leaned down and licked up his own seed before using his finger to push it back into Noah's gaping hole. As Noah jerked his own cock at the Doctor's command, the Doctor watched with satisfaction as Noah took deep breaths and managed to hold off on his climax until the very last moment. With a final moan and every breath, Noah released a powerful stream of cum all over his stomach, showcasing his newly learned breathing skills to the Doctor. The room was filled with the heady scent of sex and sweat, their bodies slick with desire and fulfillment.
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