Help Doctor I've Been Hard For Days
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Danny Shine, a shy and reserved patient, found himself in an incredibly embarrassing situation. After impulsively joining one of the local fraternities, he foolishly pledged to consume large quantities of "dick pills." Now, three days later, Danny was still suffering from a constantly erect penis and knew he needed to seek help. Despite his mortification, he mustered up the courage to visit the college clinic and seek advice on how to remedy this uncomfortable and potentially dangerous issue.

As Danny entered the sterile exam room, he felt a twinge of nervousness. He knew he had to discuss his health issue with Dr. Sage, but he couldn't help feeling a little uneasy. The doctor reviewed his chart with a focused expression, nodding and jotting down notes as Danny explained his symptoms. Taking a deep breath, Danny braced himself for the examination. Dr. Sage seemed calm and methodical as he began with a simple check of Danny's vital signs, listening intently to his heart and checking his blood pressure. Danny knew that the medications he was on could potentially affect these important functions, so he paid close attention to the doctor's movements and expressions.

The doctor's voice was calm and professional as he instructed Danny to remove his shorts, revealing a pair of tight-fitting undies. With a gentle touch, the doctor began to feel Danny's bulge through the fabric, causing a surge of warmth to spread through Danny's body. His erection was throbbing against the confines of his underwear, straining upwards and begging for release. The doctor's fingers traced along the length of Danny's bulge, eliciting gasps and shivers from the young man. Every touch felt like an electric shock, sending waves of pleasure coursing through his body.

With a gentle touch, the doctor removed Danny's underwear, revealing his engorged and throbbing penis. The doctor took hold of Danny's member and gently explored its length, feeling its firmness and weight in his hand. As he moved down to Danny's testicles, he could feel the tension and anticipation building in the young man's body. In a moment of inspiration, the doctor decided to take matters into his mouth, slowly sucking and teasing Danny's cock with expert precision. The sensations were overwhelming for Danny as he let out a soft moan and relaxed into the sensation. This was not how he expected his doctor's visit to go, but he couldn't deny the pleasure coursing through his body. With a gentle yet firm touch, the doctor turns Danny around to continue his exam. His skilled hands move expertly over Danny's body, examining every inch of skin and muscle. As the doctor reaches for Danny's prostate and gently rims his asshole, Danny can feel a surge of pleasure coursing through his body. The doctor's careful ministrations have aroused him and he can see the doctor's throbbing cock, now fully erect.

Sensing Danny's desire, the doctor leans in close to whisper in his ear. "There's another way I can relieve the tension in your penis," he says, his voice low and seductive.

Danny looks up at the doctor, nodding eagerly as he prepares for what comes next. The doctor moves closer, his arousal palpable, and makes Danny suck on his thick shaft. With each passing moment, Danny feels more and more turned on by the sensation of being controlled by this dominant figure. The doctor then leads Danny to an exam table and bends him over it, exposing his tight hole for inspection. Gently but firmly, the doctor enters Danny with his large member. The feeling is both foreign and exhilarating as Danny surrenders himself to the doctor's expert touch.

The doctor thrusts his hips and penis eagerly into Danny's tight hole, causing him to moan in pleasure. As the doctor continues to fuck him hard and raw, Danny can feel his sperm building up in his balls, ready to explode. The doctor then flips Danny over onto his back, still pumping into him until he finally reaches climax and ejaculates. In response, the doctor releases a loud groan as he too reaches orgasm all over Danny's anus.

After the doctor declared the exam a success, Danny was instructed to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that the treatment had been completed correctly.
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