Both Nurses Fuck Danny’s Tight Hole
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As they thoroughly reviewed Danny's file, the two nurses exchanged knowing looks and decided that it
was time to bring him in for a follow-up appointment at the clinic. They wanted to make sure that the
specialized therapy sessions were having the desired effect on his injured knee.
Danny arrived at the clinic and was immediately ushered into an exam room by the nurses. Without
hesitation, they began to put him through a series of stretches and exercises to gauge his progress. As
he knelt before them, Danny couldn't help but notice their subtle gestures indicating their desire for
something more than just physical therapy.

Nurse Matt boldly moved forward, his crotch mere inches from Danny's face as he directed him to

perform oral sex. Meanwhile, Nurse Johnny stood back, watching with keen interest as Danny eagerly
complied. The sight of Danny servicing Nurse Matt only fueled Nurse Johnny's desires, and he soon
joined in, indulging in some mutual pleasure with both Danny and Nurse Matt.
Feeling satisfied with their initial assessment, the nurses didn't waste any time in stepping up the
intensity. They bent Danny over the exam table and took turns ravishing his boyish hole - Nurse Matt
with his tongue and fingers and Nurse Johnny with his throbbing cock. Danny moaned and writhed as
they brought him to new heights of pleasure.
Nurse Johnny didn't want to miss a moment of the action, so he took his turn thrusting hard and raw
into Danny while Nurse Matt watched with excitement. Then it was Nurse Matt's turn, eagerly entering
Danny's used hole. As their passion intensified, Danny reached climax while being taken by both
nurses. In the midst of it all, Nurse Johnny came into Danny's mouth.

As Danny and Nurse Johnny joined in, the room was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and
moans. Nurse Matt, already close to climax, thrust his hips hard against Danny's body, sending waves
of pleasure through both of them. With a final cry, he released his load onto Danny's waiting hole
before plunging back inside and continuing to fuck him with reckless abandon. The heat between their
bodies grew more intense, fueled by the urgency and passion of their movements. Every touch felt 
electrifying as they lost themselves in the moment.
The trio collapsed onto the exam table, spent but satisfied. As they caught their breath, Nurse Matt
couldn't resist one final treat - licking up the remaining cum from Danny's well-used hole. It was clear
that these therapy sessions were working for all parties involved.
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