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Exam #1
Seth, Rex and Dr. Rimmerman

Rex and his friend Seth came in to the doctor's clinic for a drug study on DEP23, the new sexual enchancement product, and they both needed the money. They met Dr. Rimmerman at the clinic and he gave them a sample and then made them chill in the room. After just a few minutes they were starting to feel really hot so Rex took off his shirt to cool off...


Exam #2
Mike, Kyle and Dr. James

Mike had gone into the school's clinic because they were doing a research study that paid some great cash for getting shocked. Dr. James told him that he had to do a follow up appointment as well. So, when Mike arrived, the nurse took him back into an exam room where there was another guy waiting. Kyle was sitting up on the exam table when Mike walked in..


Exam #3
Austin, the Coach and Dr. James

Austin had a competition that he was about to compete in, and the coach was a little worried about how he was going to do. Coach went with him to the clinic to see Dr. James again to get him cleared to play. When they got to the clinic, nurse Cindy took them back to Dr. James. Coach explained his concern and Dr. James said that he would work Austin over...


Exam #4
Devon and Dr Swallowcock

Devon had to go to the doctors to have a physical done in order for him to compete on the soccer team for his school. He was a little nervous, because it had been a while since he last had a physical. However, right away Dr. Swallowcock made him feel really comfortable just talking about the things going on in his life. He listened to his heart, took his blood pressure...


Exam #5
Group Exam with Dr Luka

Skylar had to get tested at the university clinic in order to join the swim team, so he setup his appointment and when he arrived he had paperwork to fill out. Nurse Cindy called him up and walked him back to a room. As he entered the exam room she took him to, there were two other guys in the room that were stripping their clothes...


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